David H. Farmer, PE

          City of Naples Drainage Plans and Design

On January 1st, 2008, the City of Naples began requiring that all new construction permits install a specific type of site drainage to control the precipitation that falls on your property.

All new projects, major additions, and new swimming pools (with no coinciding construction) are required to submit a site drainage plan when submitting for their building permit. This plan will show the permanent drainage for the property after construction is completed, and will require steps to be performed in order to keep water from draining on to the neighbor's property.

For many sites drainage requirements can be costly components of development or construction. David Farmer, PE and Certified Stormwater Inspector's extensive experience allows quick and thorough drainage plan design, identification of potential problems and technically solid strategies to resolve them.

David offers reasonable fees and exceptional service that is always custom designed to your needs and specifications.

For a free, no obligation consultation, please contact David at 239-292-6081 or email dave@keystonellc.net

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